City Game and Escape Experience:

fun team building and treasure hunt to discover LakeComo

contattaci per un preventivo gratuito
a great way to discover como downtown
rally photo team building, incentive in lake Como
food hunter city game alla ricerca del gusto

The City Games and Escape Experiences are an innovative and fun series of activities, beautiful and engaging because they blend and associate the pleasure of the visit with the fun and consolidation of the team: thus, through team building and a treasure hunt on Lake Como, your team will strengthen its collaborative spirit.

They can be created in any city, or in a resort, a farmhouse or village: so we can truly say that we can organize and personalize them anywhere!

Furthermore, thanks to the dedicated App, it will also be possible to use technologies such as AUGMENTED, VIRTUAL REALITY, QR CODE, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and much more!

A unique and exciting way to visit and get to know the beauties of a city while having fun with friends, colleagues and family.

Overcome fun photographic, artistic and small physical tests, through the use of Digital via a dedicated App on iPad, or starting from a dedicated landing page, with various and even unexpected formats.

We have a catalog full of ideas and customizations, any ideas?

  • Como, the city of Alessandro Volta. The inventor of the battery.
  • Lecco and the Betrothed: The novel by Alessandro Manzoni.
  • The Lake Movie Game. Discover Como, the Lake and the world of Cinema.
  • Como (Tasty) Experience. Visit, interact with the locals and taste the typical products.
  • The Volta Oath. The Escape experience dedicated to Alessandro Volta.
  • JFK and Bellagio. The president and the Pearl of the Lake.
  • Bellano, Vitali’s Places. A village and its artists.
  • De Sfroos. the storyteller of Lake Como
  • Operation 007. The new James Bond and Bond girl.
  • Downtown Escape. 2 hours to save the city…Como, Cernobbio, Lecco, Menaggio, Bellagio, Varenna, Colico…
  • Conquer The Location: a series of games, challenges and surprises to experience in a castle, a villa, a farmhouse, a company or a hotel.
  • Secret Box. Escape Room in a box… will you be able to open the mysterious briefcase?
  • Go Green, Go Happy. Team building that talks about sustainability.

A nice Gallery to give you some ideas.

Our activities can be integrated and completed with beautiful cruises on board elegant, sporty or vintage boats depending on your preferences: imagine toasting with your colleagues and friends during a cruise within a treasure hunt while having a photo or video with Villa Erba in the background where some scenes of Ocean’s Twelve with Brat Pitt, George Clooney and Julia Roberts, and Murder Mystery with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler were filmed. Or pose James Bond style, new 007s on Lake Como.

Depending on the format chosen, we could include a very nice gift: a “video slide show” which will be ready within about 30 minutes of the end of the activity.

Seeing it projected on a large screen inside a meeting room or a restaurant makes the conclusion of the activity decidedly emotional: the teams will see the photos and videos they have taken for the first time, amidst laughter and surprises.

To complete the convivial moment, a nice standing aperitif dedicated to good food and socialising, or a lunch or dinner: the local cuisine will delight you and our scouting service will allow you to select the right restaurant, counting on our assistance in preparing the menu, respecting food restrictions and/or reporting preferences, so as to enjoy every single moment to the end.


If you are looking for outdoor activities by pedaling on a beautiful e-bike or paddling sitting on a cardboard boat… here is the link for you: Outdoor activities and team building

Instead, to explore and discover the area while tasting the excellence of the Italian cuisine, this is the page for you: Food and wine world


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